Do you have a successful morning routine or is the start of your day dictated by your (rather rude) alarm clock?Do you have a successful morning routine or is the start of your day dictated by your (rather rude) alarm clock?
Until recently, I’d never understood the power of starting your day right (mainly because I wasn’t much of a ‘morning person’). I preferred to let my mornings simply unfold, albeit they started very much the same way…a very rude alarm call, several snooze buttons, and then finally, a reluctant roll out of bed and a slow shuffle to the shower followed by a strong coffee and my first social media scroll of the day.
I didn’t think there was much wrong with this until I realised I was missing out on a sure fire way to seriously up my game!
I discovered that successful people all have something in common when it comes to starting their day. They value their mornings and understand that what happens at the beginning of their day will set the tone for the rest of their day.
Once I gave it some real thought it made total sense. On days where I woke up in a decent mood I had a fairly decent day, but on the days when my snooze button didn’t last long enough things would go from bad to worse, so the possibility that I could increase my chances of having a good day, rather than a bad day, was something I had to try!
Like with any change, it wasn’t easy. I firstly had to accept that to have a chance of doing anything with my morning I’d need more of it which meant setting the alarm earlier and getting up a little earlier. Since I love my bed and my sleep this was a tough one but I challenged myself to set the alarm 30 mins earlier for 30 days and after only the first week it became easier, and by the end of the 30 days I was actually waking up before my alarm – result!
The improvement in my day simply by getting up earlier and following my morning rituals of movement, meditation and music was dramatic. I found I was more positive, more focussed, more energetic and more productive!
It didn’t work just for me either – I shared my results with my clients and colleagues and they too experienced the benefits from changing their morning habits so much so that structuring a killer morning routine is one of the first things I do with all those I work with – and definitely one of the most effective!
So if you’re not feeling the love for your alarm or you’re ready to become a legend before lunchtime then here are my top 5 tips for starting your day in the best possible way!

1. Think positive 
Before you hit the sack take a few moments to think about something great that has happened in your day – no matter how small or trivial it may have been. Positive thoughts before you sleep will lead to a better mood when you wake;

2. Switch off!
Turn your phone on to aeroplane mode – too many of us reach for our phones first thing and begin the social media death scroll as soon as we wake. Without realising you fill your mind with negative thoughts, questions, and information before you’ve even had time to properly wake up so give yourself a chance by leaving this until later in the day;

3. No excuses!
Have your workout clothes or your notebook for your brain dump or reflection/ gratitude rant ready by your bed – that way you don’t have to think too much about what you need to do as soon as you wake – you’re all set;

4. Stay hydrated!
Have a large glass of water at the side of your bed that you drink as soon as you get up – it helps to wake you up and hydrate your body – your cells will thank you for it!;

5. Be prepared 
Put together a playlist full of your favourite uplifting and upbeat songs or positive podcasts that you can plug into straight away (make sure to also have the headphones handy if you have a partner or children).

Commit to implementing some new habits and changing your routine for 30 days and I promise you’ll never reach for the snooze again!



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