3 years ago I found myself at a life crossroads. (I’m sure you’ve felt the same before too, or maybe you’re there right now?)
I was a busy working mum juggling caring for my two little girls alongside a demanding legal career..

I absolutely loved being a mum and wanted to be around to meet all of their needs, but at the same time I was also really passionate and very proud of the successful career I’d worked so hard to establish.

“I felt torn and craved more balance and to escape the stress, overwhelm, and frustration that comes from striving to be your best as a parent, employee, mentor, friend and colleague but feeling that you’re failing to perform to your full potential.”

I wanted to be the best mum I could be, but I also wanted a purpose outside of being a mum. Whilst I remained passionate about my legal career I started to doubt if I had what it took to remain successful without compromising time with my family.

My Story


I knew I needed change. I felt a need to step away from the corporate treadmill I’d been running on for so long but I didn’t know how to make the change happen, how to start, what else I could do. So I was grateful that an opportunity presented itself to me. An opportunity to start my own business with minimal startup cost and limited risk.

Starting something completely new and entirely different to my previous career from scratch was both challenging and exhilarating. I developed new skills and began the start of a new personal development journey as I started to look toward the future and what I wanted that to look like. I had the chance to design my life to start to explore my true passion and work in alignment with my true purpose but I wasn’t sure I knew what that was.

So this time I sought help and guidance and was grateful to connect with a coach who helped me to gain clarity on where I was heading and how I could live my best life. The journey wasn’t without its challenges. I had deep seated issues to deal with – anxiety, depression and emotional abuse that had led to feelings of negative self-worth, lack of self-belief and lots of fear.

The time investing in myself has grown me in ways I could have never imagined. I realised that overcoming depression, anxiety and emotional abuse wasn’t something to be ashamed of, it was to be celebrated as challenges than I had overcome and I knew that if I could overcome those challenges that I could help and show others that they could do the same too.

My desire to help and support has always been strong. Helping others was the reason I first went into the legal profession and why throughout my career I’ve always engaged in mentoring and coaching programmes to help and support others. Seeing others achieve and succeed has always brought fulfilment to me.

I knew that whilst I could reach those I worked with as part of my business, there were still lots of women out there in the same situation as I had been – overworked, overwhelmed and lacking direction and focus. Enjoying life but not to the fullest extent not with real joy, purpose or passion and I wanted to help them too.

It was then that my purpose became clear. I wanted to help as many women as I could to step into their true light, to shake off their limiting beliefs and negative self talk, and to embrace their true potential and worth and start to live their best life yet.

My mission now is to help as many women as possible to believe in themselves and that their best is yet to come.


  • Making the most of being right here, right now... .
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  • Check in... What are you telling yourself on a daily basis?  In fact, what are you saying to yourself right now?  Your mind is a powerful tool and whatever you plant there will grow... #mindsetquotes #mindsetiseverything #successthinking #positivevibes #focusedthinking #takecontrol #mindfulness #balancedlifestyle #thinkbig #successcoach #mindsetcoach #thoughtsbecomethings
  • Weekend vibes in full swing 😍
Feeling so grateful to spend this time with my special people 🙌🏻💕
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  • When was the last time you celebrated your own success?
.  Come on be honest?
.  Do you regularly reflect each day or each week on all that you’ve achieved no matter how small?
.  Well that’s changing today. .
So often I hear how we conveniently ‘forget’ our daily or weekly achievements because of some misguided assumption that we’ll become bigheaded, vain or arrogant... .  I call bullsh*t to that because the real truth is that loving and celebrating yourself is not VANITY it’s actual SANITY! 🙌🏻 .  So today I’m asking you to share the love with yourself! To celebrate you and your wins because no one deserves it more than you do 😘 .
Your mission (if you choose to accept it 😉) is to post up below a success or achievement you are celebrating this week... no matter how small. It’s time you take the time to recognise yourself 🙌🏻 and let me celebrate with you too 😍 . 💕🙌🏻💕 #celebrateyou #celebrateyourself #recognition #youdeservetheworld #happyfriday #fridayfun #mindsetforsuccess #gratitudeattitude #loveyourself #winwin #selfreflection #selflove #mindsetcoach #mindsetquotes
  • Find what brings you joy and go there... •  Today during a client session we looked at  ways to add more joy to life •  This is something I’ve personally made a big effort with since late last year and I’m amazed by the positive effect it’s had on me and those around me... •  Now, I actually list ‘fun’ as part of my weekly task list which means I’m constantly finding more ways to enjoy myself, have fun, and be present (instead of saying ‘I don’t have time’ like I used to) anyone else guilty of that?🙋🏼‍♀️ •
This week I’ve snorkelled, body-boarded, thrown myself from a giant inflatable slide into the sea 🙈😝 as well as played cards, listened, sang (horrifically 😂) and sat to watch the sunset with my girls... •  All of these brought me joy, fun or laughter in their own way and I’m so grateful to have experienced each one 🙌🏻 •  What has surprised me the most is that it’s not the activity, the situation or the circumstances that bring the joy... it’s me! •  I can choose to seek it out, to pause, to breathe and enjoy the moment or I can switch off, detach, distract myself and let the moment pass... •  I can see now how in the past I’ve allowed myself to miss the real value (and joy) in simple moments so I’m committing to bringing (and enjoying) the joy as much as I can! •  What about you? I’d love to know how you feel about the joy in your life? Is there enough? Do you make a commitment to having fun and finding the joy or do you find yourself saying you don’t have the time? •  Let me know below... #bringthejoyback #seekthejoy #gratitudequotes #momentslikethese #momentsinthesun #familytime💕 #presentoverperfect #bringthejoy #lifebalance #successmindset #islandlife #gratitudeattitude
  • Good news or bad news first? •  The bad news is that no matter what you say or do you cannot make people like you, love you, care about you, understand you, fight for you, accept you or even just be nice to you... •  And the good news? •  It actually doesn’t matter! •  Don’t change who you are to suit someone else’s ideal. You are perfect just the way you are...😘 •  Tag someone who deserves to know they are perfect just the way they are too #sharethelove 😍  #youareenough #youmatter #womensupportingwomen #findbalance #empoweryourself #befearless #madeformore #ownyourlife #doyou #grateful #successmindset #choosehappiness #successcoach #mindsetcoach #motivation #smilemore

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