HELLO! I’M EMMA, A SUCCESS COACH AND BUSINESS MENTOR. I help women maximise their potential – and LOVE it!



I understand what it’s like to battle with feelings of overwhelm, to never feel that what you’re doing is good enough, to feel stuck in your life, business or career. I had a successful corporate career as a solicitor, but wasn’t happy and knew things had to change. So I took action and transformed my life to suit me. It’s now full of positivity, confidence, focus and success – and I want the same for you.

I’m passionate about helping women like you to overcome the life challenges that are holding you back from the life, business, or career of your dreams.

My MISSION is to help women just like you to move forward and to release your true potential. I want to empower you to believe in yourself, to recognise that you are more than enough, and give you the confidence to see that your best is yet to come!

If you’re ready for change and know you are capable of more, let me help you achieve it.

How I canHelp You


Face to face or virtually I can help you to identify your purpose and your goals and to put a plan in place that helps you to work in alignment with that purpose and to smash those goals!

Working together, I’ll help you create a strong and positive mindset and provide you with the strategies and skills to accelerate your success.

If you’ve ever doubted yourself, felt overwhelmed or you’re simply not 100% happy with how things are right now, then get in touch and let’s see how together we can ditch those doubts, realise your potential and rediscover your enthusiasm, joy, and passion for life!


Many women crave more flexibility in their lives whilst also craving more control over their career and earnings. Being able to work from home around my young family gave me the work/life balance I desired as well as the time freedom to explore my other passions in life without compromising my income.

If you’re seeking change and are open to looking at a flexible home-based business that offers full training and support, access to global markets, an uncapped earning potential, and puts you fully in control of when and where you work, then you may benefit from the business route I followed. Simply complete the contact form to request your free no-obligation information pack to see whether this could work for you.

From the Blog


  • Perfect family weekend, lots of sugar, pretty lights, Paddington 2 and time to relax! •
Now a spot of planning for another exciting week before catching up with the new series of Scandal and a cheeky 🍷
Love Sundays!
  • Saturday fun with my girls... and a giant polar bear 😂😂
Happy days 😍
  • Wherever you are right now...keep going!
With effort, commitment and determination comes change 😊
Friday feels 🙌🏻
  • Was it worth it? •
Stepping into the unknown, getting outside of my comfort zone and the traditional 9-5, betting on myself, early starts and late finishes so I can work around the girls, building my businesses and building myself, tears, doubts and frustration with no one to blame but myself, taking responsibility and owning it!
I often ask myself (usually when I’m tired - which is often 😂) is it worth it...
Then I have moments like this, I see this, I see them and I know the time I invest in myself to be the best Mum I can, to show my girls what is possible and to be a better person and to help other women live a more fulfilled life is totally worth it. •
If I’d not taken a chance on myself I might have missed this moment and this memory... •
So today I’m grateful, and I’m celebrating myself for being brave and doing it for my girls 🙌🏻
Have an fabulous Thursday 😘
  • The start of a new day...what can you do today to make it better than yesterday?
  • When the postman brings you a lovely surprise gift 🙌🏻
Happy Monday for sure 💕

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